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Solar panels efficiency reduction, gunky roofs and corridors and several other problems can be due to pigeons and other birds nesting on your property. One of the primary reasons for such consequences is the tendency of pigeons and other birds to nest underneath the solar panels, roof gaps and corridors. For this, the best solution is bird-proofing your property.

Did you know that a single home fitted with solar panels can house more than 40 pigeons? Without suitable bird proofing solar panels, the damage to the panels will be severe.

Pest Control West Beach is a leading local bird and pigeon proofing service provider in West Beach and its nearby suburbs. Moreover, with the assistance of an excellent team of experienced bird controllers, we offer top-rated bird proofing solutions. For this, we install various deterrents and make sure that birds refrain from visiting your solar panel and roof. You can truly count on our Bird Control West Beach experts to offer you the best services.

Is bird proofing your solar panel a good idea?

Are you wondering about the need of installing Solar panel proofing? It is true that pigeons and other birds tend to congregate on the solar panels, building nests. The solar panel offers adequate protection, making it the perfect spot to build a safe place. While it provides multiple benefits to the birds, it actually has a bad impact on your solar panels.

Want to know the reasons? Take a look –

  • Perching upon the solar panels will inevitably lead to leaving droppings. This can decrease the efficiency of the panels significantly while tarnishing their appearance.
  • The droppings can also cause corrosion of the solar panels.
  • Moreover, the droppings and nests tend to attract other pesky pests. With these pests, there is a high chance of more damage to the solar panels and roof.

Advantages of bird proofing your property 

There are various benefits that you can gain from bird proofing your property. Take a look at some of them detailed here –

  1. Through bird-proofing, one can reduce the maintenance costs of the solar panels and roof significantly. Moreover, the installation of the bird mesh will capture most of the droppings, letting only some of them through. It means that you can save a considerable amount of money.
  2. Dust and dirt accumulating on the solar panel, roof, and sheddings can affect their efficiency to a great extent. That is why bird proofing is an excellent idea. Besides, it keeps the debris away while preventing birds from creating nests around your property.
  3. Did you know that bird droppings are extremely corrosive? With time, they have the potential to cause significant damage. But, with bird-proofing, you can prevent the occurrence of hot spots from bird droppings. 

These are some of the advantages that you can get from bird proofing your property. You can always book our Bird Control West Beach team to ardently solve your bird-proofing needs. 

Cost of bird proofing the property: We Are Affordable In West Beach

The bird-proofing cost varies. It depends on various factors such as the area, number of solar panels, and the intensity of the bird infestation. Are you searching for excellent bird-proofing services? Contact us for a quick quote. You can call us on the given number, share your work details and we will provide you with the estimated cost for bird-proofing your property. 

Why choose The Bird Control Experts At Pest Control West Beach?

Pest Control West Beach is a well-reputed bird-proofing service provider in West Beach. With exceptional Bird Control West Beach services, we have made a name for ourselves here. Check out why trusting us to handle the bird proofing is an excellent idea –

  • Team of trained technicians: We have a team of trained experts who can handle bird proofing with ease and efficiency. Moreover, they have immense knowledge of various products and extensive training. Our years of expertise also help a great deal.
  • On-site assessment: Our team of expert technicians conducts an on-site assessment. They check out the area, take proper measurements and listen to your woes. Then, we brainstorm ideas and come up with potential solutions. Moreover, you can count on us.
  • 24 hours availability: We understand that emergencies can arise at any hour. That is why we offer round the clock services. Moreover, we are flexible with our appointments and can set one as per your convenience.
  • Usage of top-grade devices: Our trained technicians have access to the latest tools and materials. We only supply the best equipment pieces to our technicians. Moreover, we strive hard to attain customer satisfaction through our pigeon proofing services.
  • Same-day services: Sometimes, bird problems can lead to the need for immediate solutions. We offer same-day services and excellent turnaround times. Moreover, just give us a call on 08 7184 0345, and we will be there to provide you with best same day pest control in West Beach as soon as possible.
  • Reliability: We understand that choosing us for bird proofing requires you to trust us. We strive to uphold your trust and make sure that you can opt for us repeatedly. Your satisfaction is our main priority.
  • Fair price quotes: Budget restriction is a real problem that most homeowners face. That is why we offer free quotes. That way, you can decide if you want to proceed with our services. 

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